Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Mini Felt Pouch with Rabbit Design

I was in a pouch-making mode, so I made this mini felt pouch for my little girl. This mini pouch features a divider inside the pocket so she can range her trinkets,cards or notes according to her favorites. Apart from that, the pouch is relieved by the rabbit design.

mini pouch template
**Click the image to download the mini pouch template.**

Making Mini Felt Pouch Step by Step

1. a piece of felt cloth
2. hook and loop strip
3. one button
4. embroidery threads
5. sewing thread
6. pins/clips

1. First of all, print out the template and cut out the paper pattern. After that, place the felt cloth in two layers and put the paper pattern on the layers. Then, cut around the paper pattern. Now, you should have two similar felt pattern pieces. Pick up one of the felt pattern pieces and snip the short straight end off about 1cm from the short straight edge.

2. Put the shortened piece on top of the other piece and align the top edges properly. Using the paper pattern as a guide, fold down the curved top (cover) to crease a horizontal line so a rectangle is noticeable. Then fold the rectangle in half width-wise to crease another horizontal line. Now the felt is divided into three parts.

3. Cut the hook and loop strip into small pieces about 2cm x 2cm. Pick up the shortened felt piece and sew the pliable loop strip onto the cover (curved) part in the middle with 1cm space at the top. Then, pick up the other felt piece and sew the hook strip onto the bottom part in the middle with 1.5cm space at the end.

** note : The hook and loop strip must be sewn in the right points so the two sides can be pressed together for a quick closure.

4. Now, come to the embroidery step. Before I start the embroidery work, I transferred the rabbit design onto a piece of tissue paper.

5. After you have transferred the design onto the tissue paper, lay out the longer felt piece with the stiff hook strip facing up. Pin/clip the tissue paper with the rabbit design onto the middle part of the felt piece as per the template shown. Embroider your stitches through both layers of felt and tissue. I used back stitch and satin stitch for the entire design except the eyes and whiskers.

6. Remove the pins/clips and gently tear away the tissue paper. Then, cut out the word “Happy!” from the paper pattern. Use them as a guide to make the felt word. Anyway, this step is optional, you can simply make your own felt alphabets or word without the paper pattern. Then, place the word in the opposite position and below the second crease line as shown in the photo. The inverted word and the second crease line are about 0.5cm apart. After putting the word properly, sew or glue it on.

8. Line up the two pieces of felt with the hook and loop strips facing out respectively. Try to align the curved edges properly. Then, turn the layers so the shorter piece facing up.

9. Fold the two layers of rectangles together towards the first crease or you can just follow the second crease that you made in the previous step. Clip the edges with binder clips so the fold would be stayed in place.

10. Sew the edges of the pouch with blanket stitch and sew a button on the curved cover. Done.

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