Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Knitted flowers

If you find yourself craving for some knitted flowers to adorn your projects, there is a simple pattern here that might suits your requirements. To create a floral embellishment, you can either sew them onto your projects singly or in groups.

Some kinds of fancy yarns work extremely well .....get some and try.... It can be a fashionable accessory!


1. yarn     :  pink and yellow (100%  acrylic, weight 40g )
2. needle :  a pair of single-pointed needle size 2mm and yarn needle.
3. one bead
4. matching thread

 Knitting pattern for a knitted flower

row 1 : Cast on 65 stitches
row 2 : Purl one row
row 3 : Knit two, *(knit one stitch and slip this stitch back to the left needle, pass the next 10 stitches one by one over the top of this stitch and off the needle, knit again the stitch which you slipped it to the left needle just now, knit two.) repeat from*---do this step 4 times, knit one and slip this stitch back to the left needle, pass over 10 stitches, knit again the slipped stitch.
row 4 : *(Purl one, Purl two together), repeat from * until the end
row 5 : *(Knit two together), *repeat this step until the end
row 6 : Purl one row

1.  Follow the knitting pattern above and start your knitting. The photo no.1 shows the result after you have finished knitting row 3.

2. Cut the yarn after you have finished knitting the last row, leaving about a 5 inches end. Thread the yarn tail into a yarn needle and pass the yarn needle through the remaining stitches.

3. & 4.  Slip the stitches off the straight needle and insert the yarn needle to the fist stitch. Pull the yarn to tighten and tie a knot.

5. Cut yellow yarn into a few short strands. Bunch the yarn strands up tightly (tie a firm knot at the middle part) with another piece of yarn.

6. Don't cut the yarn tails, bring both tails through the centre of the flower from the purl side with a crochet hook.

7. Trim the bundle of yarn strands.

8. Unfurl the bunch of the yarn strands and sew a bead at the centre with matching thread. See, the stamens and the stigma of the flower are done. If you plan to tie this flower to your project, don't cut the remaining yarn tails.

The knitted flower shown in the photo is knitted with the same knitting pattern. The differences are changing the color for the cast on row and sew a matching bead on the knit side. That's all. See, just with some small changes and you can get another type of knitted flower.


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Rainbow AY said...

I have visited your blog..... so many cats!!!! so cute.

duimao mao said...

Thanks you! like your blog too ^^

Duryan Bhagat-Clark said...

Thank you! Super easy!

Rainbow AY said...

Yes, it is easy to knit .....

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