Sunday, 25 May 2014

buttonhole stitch

A buttonhole stitch is used for sewing buttonholes and prevent fraying of the buttonhole. It can also be used as a firm edging stitch for cut-work. This stitch will form a small knot at the top of each stitch that gives a much sturdier stitch. It visually looks like the blanket stitch, but uses a different technique of sewing. Let me show you the way I do the buttonhole stitch now. Usually, I will use double thread for doing this stitch. If you use a thicker thread, then a single thread should be all right. This stitch can be done in any direction. Anyway, I will show you the way to get the buttonhole stitches done by working from left to right.

 1. Make a knot at one end if you use single thread. Insert the needle through Point A from the back of the fabric. Loop the thread clockwise. Then insert the needle at Point B and come out at Point C. The needle should be placed above the looped thread as shown in the photo.

2. Pull the thread out towards the top, this will create a knot at point B.

3. Now, make the second stitch by inserting the needle at Point D and come out at Point E. Repeat this step until a desired length.

4. A row of buttonhole stitches is completed.

For buttonhole place the stitches close together with no fabric showing between them.

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