Monday, 20 August 2018

Wool Felt Creations

A few months ago, my eldest daughter's best friend gave her a box of DIY needle felting kit as a birthday gift. The kit came with a felting mat, felting needles, eyeballs and colorful wool.

She was really surprised when she opened up the gift. She shouted out loudly,  "What is this?" After that, she found that it was a box of DIY wool felt kit. She read the instructions and said, "There are 12 little creations I have to make...Oh, my god! What a big ordeal!"

She was no experience in making wool felt creations. In order not to disappoint her friend, she wanted to have a try. One day, I saw her read the instruction with great patience and started doing her first project. She gradually began to master the way of stabbing after making the second wool felt creation. Anyway, skillfulness in needle felting was not important to her, what she wanted were the enjoyment of the felting process and the end results. You might be curious what was her requirement of the end results. Her required end results were not to make delicate wool felt creations. She just wanted to finish the 12 little wool felt creations and showed to her friend that she appreciated the birthday gift.

These are the adorable wool felt creations that she made. To me. She has done a very good job. See, these are the results of an inexperienced beginner. All the wool felt animals look not bad, am I right? Now you know needle felting is fun and easy to learn.

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

How to Get a Perfect Bracelet Size

How many beads should I string for a bracelet? This is a common question when we DIY a beaded bracelet with elastic cord for someone who just gave us her/his exact wrist size. More specifically, we have to know what the fit someone desires. It can be a snug fit, comfort fit or loose fit. Usually, I will add 1cm-1.5cm to the exact wrist size for a snug fit, 2cm-2.5cm for a comfort fit and 3cm-3.5cm for a loose fit.

However, the inner circumference can vary somewhat based on the sizes of the beads you are going to use. Bigger beads will create a thick bracelet and small beads will create a thin bracelet in which the inner circumference of a thicker bracelet is smaller than the inner circumference of a thin bracelet, even if the two bracelets are technically the same length. Therefore, you should add more length to the exact wrist size if you are using bigger beads.

 Hope this help.

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