Wednesday, 2 July 2014

How to make a sock teddy bear

Create a teddy bear with a pair of ankle socks... Here show you a step by step tutorial to get it done. Let's do it now!!

1. a pair of ankle socks
2. embroidery floss (scarlet -  for the mouth and nose)
3. poly-fill material
4. two buttons ( for the eyes)
5. matching thread

The diagram shown is the pattern for making a sock bear. First, turn the socks to the wrong side with the heels facing up. Then, draw the lines as shown in the diagram. You can draw the patterns on a piece of paper, cut out, pin on the socks and then draw around each paper pattern.

Sew the pink lines before you cut the pieces out. Don't sew the green lines, just need to follow the green lines and trim. They would be the openings of the body parts or it is a single piece to form the mentioned part.

After you have finished sewing the necessary parts, cut out the pieces. Remember to leave about 2mm seam allowance along the sewing line for each piece.

The diagram shown is the pieces I have cut out of the socks. Don't throw away the remains, keep it for making a tail in next step.

1.& 2. Now, start to make the bear's head. Turn the head piece to the right side and stuff up the head with poly-fill material, then run stitches along the raw edge.

3. & 4. Before pulling it tight, fold in the raw edge. Tighten up the opening by pulling the thread fully and then make a few stitches across, knot and cut thread.

5. & 6. Turn the body part to the right side. Stuff up the body. Then, run stitches along the raw edge.

7. Tighten up the opening. Do it the same way as you made for the head.

8. Now, join the head and the body together with a slip stitch.

9. Turn the shirt to the right side.

10. Put on the shirt as shown in the photo.

11. Take the part for mouth and nose.

12. & 13. Run stitches along the raw edge. Put some poly-fill material on it and pull the thread until you get an oval shape. No need to close the opening completely.

14. Sew short basting stitches along the edge of the oval with contrasting  thread.

15. Sew the oval in place by a slip stitch follow the basting stitches. Pull the basting thread out after you have finished sewing it.

16. This is the part where the mouth and nose will be sewn on it later.

17. Turn the ears pieces to the right side.

18. Stuff up the ears.

19. Fold the raw edges inwards and close the openings respectively with a slip stitch.

20. Attach the ears to the right place and sew them on with a slip stitch.

21. & 22. Turn the hand pieces to the right side, stuff up and close the openings as you made the head or body.

23. Press the point near to the opening to form a flat-shaped upper arm. Do the same for the other hand.

24.  Sew the flat-shaped upper arms to the left and right side of the body respectively.


 25.- 27.  Now, take the remains and simply cut out a circle to create a tail. Run stitches along the raw edge and put some poly-fill material on it. Pull the thread tight to close the opening. Don't cut the thread, sew it to the right place with the same thread.
28. Turn the sleeves to the right side.

29. Put on the sleeves. Now, push down one of the arm and sew it to the body with a slip stitch. Push the other arm up by pressing the upper arm. Then, sew the eyes, nose and mouth with the scarlet embroidery floss on the right place. See, the cute teddy bear own a nice posture!


Unknown said...

How do you fold the raw edges? I can't really get that right and I'm confused. Thanks!!!

Rainbow AY said...

Sew a line of running stitch along the raw edge of the opening. Slightly tighten up the opening until the width of the opening becomes small enough to hold the poly-fill material inside the part. Then,use your needle tip to turn the raw edge inwards and pull the thread fully to close the opening.

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