Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Setiawan, Perak

We took advantage of this Hari Raya Puasa holidays to go for a day trip to Setiawan, Perak. I knew there is a Chinese Temple called "Da Bo Gong Temple", which is located in Kampung Pasir Panjang, Setiawan, Perak.

What a spectacular sight!! It was so amazing when I saw the giant size statues of deities. Below the giant size statues, there were many other statues on the inside and outside of the courtyard. A part from that, there was a garden next to the temple. There were many statues lining the side of the path leading to three man-made caves which contains a deity respectively. Walk through the caves, you could see many other statues of deities and the animals from the Chinese lunar calendar were built around a big fish pond. From my observation, the main attraction drawing crowds of visitors is the feature of these unique statues.

giant size statues of deities.

small statues at the surrounding of the temple

the Da Bo Gong temple

man-made cave

fish pond

There was also a monkey park nearby the courtyard. There was a concrete pathway leading to the mangrove forest. It is pity that a lot of mangrove trees were felled at the both side of the pathway as if for a certain purpose. It seemed to me that the management was going to build something here because I saw a few buildings around the temple still under construction.

the entrance of monkey park

sea view at the monkey park

After the visit of the temple, we drove to Kampung Koh for our lunch. We stopped by an old-fashioned restaurant. I was so curious there was a lot of people queuing up at the back of the restaurant. I found that they were queuing up to buy a kind of traditional Foo Chow biscuit called "Gong Pia". Obviously, the demand exceeded the supply. The biscuits were still in the baking process .......while so many people willing to wait for a long time.....this made me even more curious about its attractions. I placed an order and queued up too......

They were using a very special charcoal oven to bake the biscuits. The appearance of the oven looked like a well and the baking method was so special. I saw them stuck the the flattened doughs on the wall of the oven one by one. What a manual process!! It is really a labour-intensive industry.

Another Foo Chow cuisine that I had never tried was the rice vermicelli noodles in red wine. I heard that this kind of noodles is a local delicacy and the red wain is made from fermentation of red yeast rice.

red wine rice noodle served with chicken meat

It is worth to pay a visit to Setiawan, Perak ........ We tried something new there.

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