Sunday, 13 July 2014

How to make a sock penguin

A penguin from Antarctica?!! No, no, no... It comes from my home, it is called "Red Happy Penguin" Haha! I like penguins of Antarctica. I like its movement, I like to see its waddling walk... In the cartoon fairytale, it is always portrayed as a cute character. Many kids love cute penguin and so do many adults. Let's create one either for yourself or the little ones.

1. A pair of coloured ankle sock
2. One white sock
3. Matching threads
4. Matching ribbon
5. A decorative flower

The diagram shown is the sock penguin pattern. First, turn each sock to the wrong side.  Then, draw the patterns as shown in the diagram on the socks. You can draw the patterns on a piece of paper, cut out, pin on the socks and then draw around each paper pattern.

Sew the red lines before you cut the pieces out. Don't sew the blue lines, just need to follow the blue lines and trim. They would be the opening of the body parts or it is a single piece to form a certain part.

After you have finished sewing the necessary parts, cut out the pieces. Remember to leave about 2 mm seam allowance along the sewing lines.

The diagram shown is the pieces I have cut out of the socks.
1.& 2. Now, start to make the penguin's head and belly. Turn the head and belly piece to the right side and stuff up with poly-fill material, then run stitches along the raw edge.

3. Before pulling it tight, fold in the raw edge. Tighten up the opening by pulling the thread fully and then make a few stitched across, knot and cut thread.

4. The photo shown is the finished part of the head and belly. It is thicker at the bottom part. The bulging end is the backside(butt) of the penguin

5. & 6. Turn the back piece to the right side.

7. Put it on the head and belly you have finished sewing just now. Pin the back piece in place as shown in the photo.

8. Sew along the raw edge of the back piece with slip stitch. Fold in the raw edge about 2mm depth as you go along.

9. & 10. You can see the result now.

11. Now, turn the beak piece to the right side.

12. Stuff up the beak piece with the poly-fill material.

13. Close the opening with whip stitch.

14. Press the seam with your both thumbs after you finished sewing it.

15.&16. Sew the beak in place as shown in the photo.

17. Turn the flipper pieces to the right side.

18. Stuff up the flipper pieces with some poly-fill material.

19. Close the openings with slip stitch respectively. Remember to fold in the raw edge as you go.

20. Sew the flippers to the both sides of the body.

21. Turn the foot pieces to the right side.

22. Stuff up the foot pieces with poly-fill material.

23. Close the openings with slip stitch respectively. Just sew it as you made the flippers.

24. Sew the feet to the bottom of the body as shown in the photo.

Now, sew the eyes on it and put the decorative flower and ribbon on the desired part of the penguin.

See, my Red Happy Penguin is born!!

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