Saturday, 17 December 2016

Criss-cross Weave Bag

When the black and white stripes meet the criss-cross weave, a wonderful creation begins, which together with the solid black, bring out a beautiful integration and impression. Do you like the criss-cross weave pattern? Do you like a bag with a big bow?  If you do, just go through the steps below. I hope this will give your project more "Oomph"!!

How to Make a Criss-cross Weave Bag Step by Step

First of all, make some fabric straps of different colors. I made 16 pieces of striped straps and 2 pieces of black straps the same width for this project. Anyway, you can use your desired number, size and color of straps. A different number, size and color of straps will form a different pattern. You must be sure the length of the straps are long enough for the vertical and horizontal weaving according to your desired size of bag.

Weave a cross pattern using the straps as shown in the photo. Making sure the weaved piece is big enough to make your desired bag. If you think that it is not your desired size, just add or deduct a few straps. Don't worry about the uneven edges, you can trim the edges later.

Sew the cross-weave pattern in place by making a few cross-stitches at every intersecting point at the back of the layer.

Now, cut out a piece of  interfacing according to your desired bag size, then iron the interfacing piece onto the wrong side of the back piece. Please remember to add the seam allowance for the back piece before you cut the piece out. My desired bag size is about 11" x 13" so I cut out a piece of 12" x 14" back fabric. Then, place the cross-weave piece with the back piece right sides together, sew the both long sides and the bottom with a 1/2" seam. When you have finished sewing, turn the outer bag right side out.

Trim the top edge so it looks straight and neat. Then, set it aside and continue to the next step.

You can now make an inner bag as shown in the photo above. The size of the inner bag should be the same as the outer bag. I sew a pocket on the right side of the fabric before I make the inner bag. Then sew the inner bag as you sewed the outer bag but you have to leave an opening for turning.

Insert the outer bag into the inner bag with the right sides together. Align the top edges properly and pin the edges together.

Sew around the top edge with a larger seam. I make it slightly larger than the width of the straps so the cross strap can be sewn in place and the top hem will have a neat look when you turn the bag right side out.

Make two straps for handles. Pin and sew them at the appropriate positions as shown in the photo. You can top-stitch an "X-box" at each end of the strap if you want.

Lastly, sew a big black bow on the bag. Done.

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Finishing off Cord Ends of a Drawstring Bag

How do you finish the cord ends of your drawstring bag? Just tie a knot or put a cord-stop on them? Here is a simple method that I had tried out for my stripped drawstring bag. I made a fabric flower bud for each knotted end of the cord.

1. Your ready-made drawstring bag with knotted cord ends
2. Two pieces of  8cm x 8cm fabric (different colors)

How to Finish the Ends of the Cord of a Drawstring Bag

Step 1 : Place the two squares right side together and sew around the square completely with a 0.7cm seam allowance. Then, cut a slit or a small hole at the center of the back layer as shown in the picture.

Step 2 : Turn the shape right side out through the hole. You can use point turner to get your corners sharp if you want. Anyway, I didn't use the tool because sharp corners are not very important for this finishing work.

Step 3 : Place the knotted end at the center of the front layer of the square and wrap the knot completely so a "ball"  is created.

Step 4 : Hold the lower part of the ball. Insert the threaded needle through the "ball" and wrap the thread around the lower part of the ball for a few times. Insert the needle through the "ball" again and secure the stitch.

Step 5 : Don't cut the thread, bring the thread through one of the corners and sew together with the opposite corner as shown in the picture.

Step 6 : Repeat step 5 to sew the other two corners together. A small flower has been done!!


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