Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Cast On Stitch

What is cast on? Cast on is the process of adding the very first stitches onto the knitting needle before you start to knit. There are variety of methods to cast on. Here I only mention the two methods that I always use.

1. Long tail cast-on
2. Knitted cast-on

Long tail cast-on
This method is common, quick and popular, in addition, you will only need one needle for this method. One drawback of this method is you have to be able to estimate the amount of the tail yarn for your cast-on at the very start of your knitting.

1. Make a slip knot and leaving an enough tail yarn on the slip knot. This will be your first loop.

2.Place the slip knot on your knitting needle and then put it tight and snug.

3. Hold the needle with slip knot in your right hand. Grab the strands of yarn in your left hand and secure with your last three fingers. Then, insert your thumb and index finger between the strands of yarn (Your tail yarn should be on your left thumb and your working yarn should be on you left index finger.)

4. Now, pull the needle downward to create a “V” shape as shown in the photo.

5. Bring the needle tip up through the loop on your thumb.

6. Then, pivot the needle tip to the loop on your index finger and grab the yarn.

7. Pull the yarn on your index finger down through the loop on your thumb.

8. Slip off the loop of yarn on your thumb and bring your thumb back under the loose strand of yarn.

9. Move your fingers to snug up this new stitch on the needle. You have just cast on your second stitch. (The first stitch was your slip knot.)

10. Then, create another "V" shape and continue the rest of the steps. Knit the cast on stitches until you reach the number of stitches needed. A row of long tail cast-on stitches is completed as shown in the photo.

Knitted Cast-on

Casting on without a big long tail? yes, you can do it with a different method called "knitted cast-on".
This method is simple and suitable for beginners.

1. Make a slip knot and leaving only about 2 inches on the end of your yarn.

2. Place the slip knot onto your left needle.

3. Insert your right needle into the loop.

4. Wrap your yarn around the right needle counter clockwise.

5. Pull the yarn through the loop (just as you work a knit stitch), but don't slide the original loop off the left needle.

6. Now, slide the loop from your right needle onto your left needle.

7. There are now two loops on the left needle. You have just completed a knitted cast on. Pull your working yarn slightly to snug up the new stitch on your left needle. Insert again the right needle tip to the stitch you just completed on the left needle and continue the rest of the steps until you reach your desired stitches. 

8.  A row of knitted cast-on stitches is completed.

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