Saturday, 5 April 2014

A trip to China

Me and my family have just returned from a trip to China. We reached Guangzhou, China on 23 March 2014 and we started our sightseeing around Guangzhou on the second day. The first destination was Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street in Guangzhou. Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street is located in the old town of Xiguan where featuring the characteristics of European and Chinese style. It is a commercial pedestrian street in Liwan district, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China. We really enjoyed shopping there.....reasonable price and many choices available.

Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street

shops, restaurant and food stalls in Shangxiajiu

The Pearl River (Zhujiang in Chinese) is a wonderful place to hang out.  That was our second destination. We went for a stroll after dinner. Later ,we took the river cruise and we enjoyed viewing the enchanting night river view on the cruise. You can see several bridges spanning the river in the midst of shinning lights. The famous Guangzhou Tower (Canton Tower) is one of the prominent building that you can see from the river. For me, Pearl River is the most beautiful place in Guangzhou, China, especially the night scenery.......

View of Dashatou Dock at Pearl River, Guangzhou.

View of Guangzhou Tower (Canton Tower) from the river.

Night view of Pearl River

On the third day, we visited a market which nearby our hotel. Have you ever been to any markets in Guangzhou, China? Here share with you the photos of a market that I have visited in Tianhe District. The environment of the market was clean .....I like that kind of market. 

A market in Tienhe District, Guangzhou.

Later, we have a relaxing walk in Yuexiu Park. Yuexiu Park is very beautiful park in Guangzhou. Over 90% of the park is covered with gorgeous trees. Being rich not only the attractive scenery but also the profound historic and cultural backgrounds. The prominent statue in the park is the Five-Ram Statue. It has been always acting as the symbolic statue of Guangzhou.

The surroundings of Yuexiu Park.

The other destinations that we visited on the same day were Guangxiao Temple and Ancestral Temple of the Chen Family.

The surroundings of Guangxiao Temple

Ancestral Temple of Chen Family

After that we went to Foshan. We bought some Chinese tea and went shopping and tried some local food there.......

The next day in the morning we went to Foshan Ancestral Temple or Fohsan Zumiao Museum. It Chinese name is called "Zumiao" means temple of the ancestors. It is an provincial base for patriotism education and Chinese culture heritage. Foshan Zumiao Museum consists of Zumiao Temple, Confucius Temple, Huang FeiHong Memorial Hall and Ip Man Tong (Ip Man Museum). It gave us an overview of the Taosim culture, martial art and the folk art.

Foshan Zumiao Museum

Huang Feihong Memorial Hall and Ip Man Tong

A performance of Lion-dance at the Lion-dancing court of Zumiao.

The last destination of our China trip was the CCTV Nanhai Movie and TV Town which is often referred as "The Hollywood of China". We saw different styles' architectures there, including solemn palaces, Chinese folk houses as well as Europe buildings.

Main Entrance of the CCTV Nanhai Movie and TV Town.

Different styles' architectures in the CCTV Nanhai Movie and TV Town.

Now is the time for me to show you some special food that I have had in Guangzhou. I find that they are so special because I have never tried those kind of food in Malaysia...... The first special dish is a plate of raw garland chrysanthemum with mature vinegar. I had tried that in a restaurant in Tienhe District. I like that soooooo.... much!!!! I think that is not hard to find that kind of food in some restaurants in Guangzhou. The second dish is a plate of grilled chives.  I always have grilled fish in Malaysia but  I have never tried grilled chives!!  I tried that special snack at a street stall in Tianhe District. 

Garland chrysanthemum with mature vinegar and grilled chives.

On 27 March 2014........We prepared to return home.

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