Friday, 24 July 2015

Felt Triangular Coin Purse With Keyring

Some people may not interested in making crafts that required a complicated method or many steps to be followed. How about a triangular coin purse?  It seems not easy to sew a triangular coin purse with cloth fabrics, especially  those with lining and sponge. If you think some of the patterns that you searched from the internet are too complicated for you, then you can try out this simple pattern with felt cloth. This pattern required hand stitching, it is made entirely by hand. If you know how to do the backstitch, then, it is not a problem for you to get the work done.

1. a piece of  3.5" x 6" felt cloth
2. a piece of  3" zipper ( Shorten your zipper if it is too long for the project.)
3. two lengths of 3.5" self-adhesive decorative ribbon ( a conventional ribbon also could be used.)
4. a length of 1.5" fine ribbon.
5. a small keyring
6. matching sewing thread.

1. Take the 1.5" fine ribbon and slip the keyring onto the ribbon. Fold the ribbon in half and sew the ends together. A ribbon loop with keyring is done and set it aside.

2. Place the felt cloth right side up, stick on the self-adhesive decorative ribbon along the both short edges of the felt cloth respectively. If you are using conventional/regular ribbon, then you have to pin it in place. Sew the ribbon to secure in position using back stitch as shown in the photo below.

3. Then fold the felt cloth in half with the short edges meet at the center. In this step, your work should be placed right side out. Put the zipper under and between the two short edges, then pin it in place. The either sides of edges should be spaced apart evenly, the distance between the teeth and the edge is about 0.1" (approx.2mm).  As the second photo shown below, using matching sewing thread to top stitch a 0.1" ( approx. 2mm) seam along the edges respectively.

4. Turn your work wrong side out with the zipper set at the center and the tail of the zipper facing your right hand side. Sandwich the loop with keyring between the layers at the top right. The tail of the loop should be aligned with the edges. Then, Sew a 0.25" (approx. 0.6mm) seam to close the edges.

5. For the other side,  set the zipper to the side. Pull the puller slightly down and bend the top of the zipper as shown in the photo. Sew a 0.25" (approx. 0.6mm) seam to close the edges.

6. Done. The photo shown below is the wrong side of the finished triangular coin purse with keyring.

7. Turn the coin purse to the right side. It will turns into a whole new appearance. No matter from which angles, it will give you a pleasant look. What's more, it is not only handy but cool!

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