Friday, 21 August 2015

Mini Tote Bag With Lining

1. Two pieces of 8"x 13" main fabric
2. One piece of 10.5" x 13" main fabric (contrasting color)
3. One piece of 24.5"x 13" lining fabric
4.  a piece of 9.5" x 13" sponge (approx. 1/8" thick)
5. two pieces of 3" x 16" strips (for handle)
6. appliques (optional)

* The measurements of the above mentioned pieces are included seam allowances.
* If you like the puppy applique, click here to get the free template.

1. First, you have to join the three pieces of main fabrics together with the contrasting color arranged in the middle. Make sure the edges with the same length is aligned together. Then, sew a 0.5" seam. Now you have a rectangular piece.

2. Turn the fabric to the wrong side. Place the sponge on the middle part and baste around the edges.

3. Turn the fabric piece to the right side and top-stitch the left and right diagonal lines on the middle part as shown in the photo.

4. Arrange and sew your appliques in place. This is optional, you can just leave it blank.

5. Fold the rectangular fabric piece in half with right side together. Sew along the long sides with a 0.5" seam.

6.  Now, sew the base for the bag. Flatten the corner of the bag, so the side seam is flatted against the bottom of your bag to form a triangle. Draw a straight line about 2" from the point of the corner and perpendicular to the seam. Sew along the straight line as shown in the photo.

7. Draw a straight line on either side of the seam. The line should start from the end of the horizontal line that you sewed and parallel to the seam.

8. Fold the fabric follow the straight line and sew a 0.125" (1/8") seam.

9. Cut off the corner of the bag, leaving a 0.5'' seam allowance. Repeat the step 6 to 9 for the other corner.

10. The mini tote bag is taking shape. Set it aside.

11. Now is the time to make a lining to the bag. Fold the lining fabric in half with right side together and sew along the long sides with a 0.5" seam. Then sew the base as you sewed the main body of the bag. Don't turn the bag lining inside out, just leave it as it is and set it aside.

12. Take the main body bag and draw two straight lines on the right side of the top edge. The first line is 0.5" from the edge and the second line is 0.75" (3/4") from the edge. Then press with iron to get two crease lines on the top edge. After that, insert the lining into the main body bag with wrong sides together.

13. Align the top edges properly and pin the edges together.

14. Simply sew a line on the top to secure the layers.

15. Fold the top edge twice by following the two crease lines that you made and pin. Then, sew a 0.125" (1/8") seam along the folded edge on the wrong side of the tote bag. So, the hem width is 0.625".

16. The opening of the bag is done.

17. We are going to make the strap (handle) of the bag. Take the 3" x 16" strip and fold it in half lengthwise with the wrong side out and sew a 0.5" seam. Press the seam against the opposite side so the seam is set at the middle and then sew a 0.75"(3/4") seam along one of the short edge. Repeat the steps to make the other strap.

18. Turn the strap right side out. Fold the ends (opening) inwards before you sew the straps to the bag.

19. Pin each strap on the appropriate point of the top opening and top-stitch a "X-box" for each end of the strap.

20. A new mini tote bag is born!!

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