Saturday, 10 March 2018

Quartz Gems Bracelets

I bought some quartz gems from a local supplier a few months ago. I wished to make some beaded bracelets. Ridiculously, I didn't think about the designs for the bracelets when I was choosing the beads. I just kept an eye on the colors and distinctive patterns of those beautiful quartz gems. After that day, I just kept all my beads in a box and took them out to admire their distinctive patterns at times. I didn't take any action to make any bracelet because I got no idea at all. One day, when I was shopping online, I found that there were some fascinating alloy with bronze-plated beads. They have a sense of ancient style. At that moment, an idea flowed through my mind! I knew what I wanted!! Without thinking too much, I ordered some bronze-plated beads and other materials for making bead charms as well as some necessary tools like flat nose pliers and round nose pliers from an online shop. Finally, my bracelets were born.

Today, I am not going to write any tutorial on how to create a bead charm bracelet. I just prefer to display my finished pieces here. If you are looking for a tutorial how to make a bead charm, please click here.

 This red agate bracelet is my favourite, I like its antique look.

  This black agate bracelet is given a polish by adding several red agate beads.

 Rose quartz and white crackle quartz are a soft and gentle combination. It gives us a feminine look.

Amethyst and white crackle quartz blended with bronze-plated charms exhale the air of youth.

I like this vintage bracelet so much!! The resin flower bring a fresh look to the orange agate bracelet!

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