Saturday, 7 April 2018

How to Make a Necklace with Extender Chain

Bronze plated beads and charms are great to use as ancient goodies in jewellery making. I am going to use bronze plated alloy beads, charms and findings for my necklace making project this time. Apart from the unique appearance, this necklace features a built-in extender chain that will allow you to adjust the necklace length easily. So, no need worry about the size.

1. 2mm black Korea Waxed Cords (36cm)
2. Bronze plated pendant (1pc)
3. Bronze plated mini charm (1pc)
4. Bronze plated leather crimps (2pcs)
5. Large hole bronze plated tube beads (2pcs)
6. Lobster clasp (1pc)
7. Jump rings (2pcs)
8. Raw bronze plated chain (8cm)
9. Bronze plated bail 

The materials that showed in the photo are the beads, charms, findings and cords that we have to prepare for this project.


First of all, get ready a pendant with tube bail and an extender chain. So, join the pendant and the mini charm to the tube bail and the 8cm raw chain respectively. You can use a jump ring to join each set of components together. Anyway, I prefer to hang the mini charm to the twisted link than using a round jump ring. It might be a bit tricky to open and close the closure of a twisted link especially when you want to close the link back to its original shape. Don't worry, you can use two pairs of chain nose pliers to fix it. I believe you can get the extender chain done.

Then, string the tube beads and charm onto the 36cm Korea waxed cord as shown in the photo.

Now, align the cord ends nicely and place the ends into the leather crimp as shown in the first photo. Use pliers to fold down one side of the crimp over the ends, then the other side. Repeat the same step at the other end of the cords.

Then, join the lobster clip to one end of the finished cord with a jump ring.

After that, join the extender chain to the other end of the finished cord. I don't use any jump ring to join the components together. As what I have done at the first step, separate the link at the other end of the extender chain and hang it onto the little loop of the leather crimp. Close the closure and done.

My new ancient bronze necklace is done.

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