Saturday, 23 November 2013

How to make an animal hair clip

My little girl likes animal hair clip, I think so does your lovely little girl. Make some for her, and she might give you a lot of kisses in return.

1. A piece of snap clip
2. Two pieces of felt cloth, purple and pink
3. Scraps of felt cloth (different color)
4. Embroidery floss, black, beige and maroon
5. Polyester sewing thread 
6. Poly-fill material  

1. Draw an outline of the bear's head on a piece of paper. The diameter of the outline should be bigger than the width of the thickest part of your snap clip. Here I make it about 3cm.

2. Then cut it out and put it on a piece of felt. Hold the pattern and felt firmly together and cut around the pattern piece. Of course you can use any pen/fabric marker to draw the outline and cut. Cut out another piece (same color ) with the same method.

3 & 4. Now, take one of the head patterns and sew the pattern you designed for the face. Then sew the two pieces head patterns together with running stitch. Stuff the head with a little poly-fill material before you reach to the end of stitching. It looks plump now. Set it aside and go to next part.

1. Choose another felt in different color, cut out two background pieces by using the clip as a sizing guide. These felt pieces will later be attached to the clip.

2. Then, take one piece of the background pieces and mark the positions for making a slit line (refer photos in no.2 ,3 and 4).

1. Now, follow the slit line and make a slit with a blade. Do it carefully.

2. Slide the skinny part of your clip through.

3. Snap the clip and put some glue on the clip as shown in the photo.

4. Attach another background piece on top of the snap clip. Set it aside to let the glue dry. You can use hot glue if you don't want spend time waiting the glue dry.

1. Make a crease line by folding or pressing the edge of the felt as shown in the photo.

2. See, the crease line is appeared. Use the crease line as a guide when you sew the edges.

3. Tie a knot in the end of the embroidery thread. Insert the needle through up from the inside of the felt. Sew the edges around with blanket stitch. Keep the stitches and spaces as even as possible.

4. It looks nice when you have finished sewing up the edges.

1. The first photo show the underside of the crafted snap clip.

2. Now, sew the bear's head that you made just now on the thickest part of the clip. Sew it with polyester sewing thread.

3. You can simply put the head on as long as you think it looks nice or just happy with it. Sew it with slip stitch.

4. Done! You can give it to your loved one now.

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Anonymous said...

Nice tutorial. Very helpful.

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