Saturday, 16 November 2013

How to make a rosette hair tie

I believe every lady would like to have their own unique hair accessories, me too ...... Today, let me show you the way I make my unique rosette elastic hair tie. I hope you would like this project too.

1. A piece of crew sock
2. A piece of felt cloth
3. Elastic
4. Polyester sewing thread

I use a crew sock to make a strip. First, draw the lines on the right side of the sock as shown in the photo. The length is about 26cm and the width is about 2cm. The length and the width of the strip would determine the size of the rosette. If you wish to make a bigger rosette, you have to add the length to extend the diameter of the rosette. If you wish to add the height of the rosette, you have to add the width of  the strip, otherwise you need not to do so.

Cut out the strip follow the black lines, need not to fold the strip because it was already a fold. Anyway, you should fold the strip if the fabric you plan to use is only one layer or not a fold strip. In this case the width of the strip should be changed to 4cm and fold the fabric strip in half.

Roll the strip to form the center of the rosette by holding the folded side facing upward. Start rolling the strip from the right side (the cuff part of the sock). I rolled the strip a few times then sew it into place. In order to  hide the knot of the thread, inserting the needle from the bottom of the roll as shown in the photo.

Take a small space and insert the needle then push it to the opposite side. Pull the thread out and then insert the needle from the opposite side back to the first insertion point. Repeat these steps 2 or 3 times, need not to cut the thread off, just bring the needle to the bottom of the roll and pull the thread out. The same thread would be used to sew the layers into place in further steps.

This is the pattern of the stitch

Now, start wrapping the strip around and around, twisting the strip every now and then. Continue wrapping and twisting to the end of the strip. You might find it is not easy to wrap and twist initially but it would be fine after a few practices. I sew a stitch every now and then as I go to hold it into place. Try to hide the stitch every time, so I suggest you sewing the stitches under the twisted strip. Remember to insert the needle back to the bottom of the roll after every sewing.

This is the front of the rosette ....... It looks beautiful now! 

Let's turn to the back of the rosette. Sew a small piece of felt circle on top of it. I recommend using a thinner felt because it is more easy in sewing and looks nicer than a thick felt. The size of the felt circle should be smaller than the diameter of the rosette. Sew it in place with the backstitch.

Now, place the elastic on the center point of the felt circle and sew it into place by a simple stitching. The stitches must wrap the elastic as shown in the photo. Usually, I would make 5 or 6 stitches on it and make sure the needle passing through the fabric every stitching so that it could stay strongly on it.

After that, cut out the second felt circle and place it on top of the elastic, sandwiching the elastic between the two pieces of felt. Backstitch along the edge of the felt circle.


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Anonymous said...

A beautiful rosette. I like it.

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