Monday, 6 October 2014

Bow bookmarks

I had not tidied up my craft materials for some time. I found that there were a few scraps of ribbon kept in a little box. I didn't want to waste those scraps and thought for a while ...... "I better make some mini crafts than throw them away."  Yes, I got an idea in a sudden! I wished to make some bow bookmarks with these scraps of ribbon.

It is pretty quick to create this mini craft. What you need are some scraps of ribbon, some paper clips or some decorative items like buttons and beads. Here show you one of the way I made the bow bookmarks.

  1. Make a desired loop with a piece of wide ribbon and put the paper clip at the centre of the ribbon loop.
  2. Insert another kind of ribbon strip (a fine ribbon would be recommended) through the paper clip as shown in the photo and hold them firmly. The fine ribbon should be set at the centre of the ribbon loop.
  3. Tie a hard knot at the back of the wide ribbon and then trim the fine ribbon.
  4. Done.
If you found that this method is not easy to set a bow on top of the paper clip, you can just tie a bow at the top of the paper clip with the ribbon itself and then sew a button or bead at at the centre as a decoration.

I like these colorful bookmarks..... don,t you? They are simple but they would be a very cute and meaningful gift for girl.

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