Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Split stitch

A split  stitch can be used for straight lines, curved lines and outlines. It is also used effectively as a solid filling stitch. You can get a smooth and solid filling stitch when it worked side by side in rows. As far as I know, there is another method of split stitch called two-color split stitch. As the name states, the stitch will be made in two colors.  Usually, I use six strands of embroidery floss to make split stitch as I can separate the stitch in half easily. Of course you can use less or more strands of floss to create a desired split stitch. Let me show you these two methods with six strands of embroidery floss below.

Split stitch

1. Make the first stitch by sending the needle up from the back and then sending it down one stitch length to the back.

2. Then, send the needle up through the middle of the previous stitch you just made.

3.&4. Send the needle back down again the same stitch length and repeat the steps.

5. End your last stitch by inserting the needle down to the fabric close to the last stitch.

6. A row of split stitches is done.

 Two-color split stitch

Thread the needle with two colors. Splitting the stitches with the above mentioned method but always keep one color above the needle and the other below.

If you wish to make a very fine line with two-color split stitch, you can thread the needle with two or four strands (even number) of embroidery floss so they split evenly while stitching.

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