Friday, 13 March 2015

Hanging Hand Towel

I bought many kitchen towels during a big sale at Tesco about a year ago. One day in last week, I found that I lack of  hanging hand towels. Since I don't want to leave too many kitchen towels in my kitchen cabinet, I tried to turn some of them into hanging hand towels.

I urgently needed it, thus I used a very simple method to get it done. This method is very easy and you can finish it in less than 10 minutes.

1. A piece of kitchen towel
2. Ribbon (13cm - 15cm long with 1.5cm wide)
3. Two pieces of two-hole buttons (the diameter of the buttons should be bigger than the width of the ribbon)
4. Matching thread

 First, make a 1 cm fold towards the wrong side at the both ends of the ribbon and press.

Then, sandwich one of the corner of the towel between the both ends of the ribbon at a 45 degree angle.  

 Sew the ribbon in place as shown in the photo.

Don't cut off the thread, use the same thread and needle to sew the two buttons on the both ends of the ribbon with the "in one-step" method. Place one button at the front and the other at the back of the towel. The two buttons should be placed at the some point and aligned properly so you can insert the needle through the holes at once. This way the two buttons will be sewn in place at the same time.

Repeat the sewing process enough times to make sure the two buttons are securely in place.

Now, make a knot close to the hole where the thread came up. To do this, you have to insert the needle under a few stitches that you made just now and close to the thread, then wrap the thread around the needle tip twice. Pull your needle through until the wrapped region get to the end of the thread and tighten.

A knot is completed and close to the button hole. To hide the knot inside the hole, you have to insert the needle back to the same hole and pull the thread through at the other side of the work until the knot is hidden inside the hold and cut the thread off.

A simple and lovely hanging hand towel is done.

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