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Drawstring Knitted Bag With Lining

Do you like a girlish drawstring knitted bag with lining? Here is a pattern that you can try out. This bag is features a heavy-knit ruffled edge with picots at the top. It is easy to knit and the knitted roses is a great finishing touch. Whether you are looking for a bag to hold cosmetics or your favourite accessories, this bag will not disappoint.

1. colored yarn (100%  acrylic, weight 40g )
2. a pair of  circular needle size 4mm
3. three knitted roses or any knitted flowers
4. sewing needle & tapestry needle.
5. matching thread
6. a piece of lining fabric

knitting abbreviations :
K - knit
P - purl
Kfb - knit front and back
K2tog - knit two together
SSK - slip slip knit

Knitting pattern :

Gauge : 22 rows = 2" ; 13 stitches = 2"  in garter stitch

Part one : Base
* use circular needles as straight needles at this part.

 row 1 : K8
row 2 : K1, Kfb2, K2, Kfb2, K1 .......... (12 sts)
row 3 : K12
row 4 : K1, Kfb2, K6, Kfb2, K1 .......... (16sts)
row 5 : K16
row 6 : K1, Kfb2, K10, Kfb2, K1 .......... (20sts)
row 7 : K20
row 8 : K1, Kfb2, K14, Kfb2, K1 .......... ( 24sts)
row 9 : K24
row 10 : K1, Kfb2, K18, Kfb2, K1 .......... (28sts)
row 11 - 23 : K28
row 24 : K1, SSK2, K18, K2tog2, K1 ..........(24sts)
row 25 : K24
row 26 : K1, SSK2, K14, K2tog2, K1 .......... (20sts)
row 27 : K20
row 28 : K1, SSK2, K10, K2tog2, K1 .......... (16sts)
row 29 : K16
row 30 : K1, SSK2, K6, K2tog2, K1 .......... (12sts)
row 31 : K12
row 32 : K1, SSK2, K2, K2tog, K1 .......... (8 sts)
row 33 : K8

Part two : body
* use circular needle as normal to knit rounds.

Don't bind off the stitches on row 33 and use the existing needle to pick up 68 stitches evenly along the edge ( don't pick up any stitches on row 33 because the stitches on the row are considered as the picked-up stitches). So, you should have 76 stitches in total.

Put a marker at the beginning of the round

row 34 : P76
row 35 : K76
row 36 : P76
row 37 : *(Kfb, K3 ) repeat from * until the end of the round .......... (95sts)
row 38-40 : P95 one round, K95 one round, P95 one round
row 41 : *(Kfb, K4) repeat from * until the end of the round .......... (114sts)
row 42-44 : P114 one round, K114 one round, P114 one round
row 45 :  *(Kfb, K5) repeat from * until the end of the round .......... (133sts)
row 46 - 86 : P133 one round and K133 one round alternately until you reach row 86 (40 rounds)
row 87 : *(K2tog, K5) repeat from * until the end of the round .......... (114sts)
row 88-96: P114 one round and K114 one round alternately until row 96 .......... (9 rounds)
row 97 : *(K2tog, K4) repeat from * until the end of the round .......... (95sts)
row 98-100 : P95 one round, K95 one round, P95 one round
row 101 : *(K2tog, K7, K2tog, K8) repeat from * until the end of the round .......... (85sts)
row 102 -108 : K85 for 7 rounds
row 109 : Kfb every stitch .......... (170sts)
row 110 : Knit one round
row 111 : Kfb every stitch .......... (340sts)
row 112-113 : Knit two rounds
row 114 : Kfb every other stitch .......... (510sts)
row 115 : Knit one round
row 116 : Picot bind off

After you have finished the picot bind off. Knit two straps about 10.5 inch long and 0.5 inch wide for the handles. I use the reversed stocking stitch as the right side of the straps but it is optional.

Then, knit a drawstring about 48 inches long with the I-cord stitch.

Now, fold a 1 inch hem (excluding the ruffled edge) along the top edge with the ruffled edge facing outside and sew along the hem with the same color yarn, this will be the drawstring channel. Remember to leave two holes at the left and right side of the bag respectively so you can thread a drawstring through the channel.

Sew a 1 inch hem, leave two holes at the left and right side.

Then, sew the two straps in place where below the 1 inch hem of the top edge in the middle part on the front and back side of the bag respectively (space the two ends of each strap about 2 inches apart ) and sew the knitted flowers at the appropriate places according to your preference at the front of the bag.

Sew the straps and knitted roses on the appropriate places.

After you have attached the straps and flowers on the appropriate places, you can now start to make the lining of the bag. First, place the bag itself on the fabric, leaving about half-inch seam allowance along the side of the bag and trim (do not need to leave extra seam allowance for the top edge, you have only need to follow the height of the bag itself because it is enough for you to fold a hem). Then, sew the curve shape with hand stitch or sewing machine.

Cut out the lining pieces along the seam allowance.

Now, stuff the lining into the bag wrong side out and fold the top edge of the lining out (the raw edge of the lining should be facing to the knitted fabric so it can be hidden). Pin the folded top edge of the lining about 1 inch below the top edge of the bag. You will find that all the ends of the straps are sandwiched between the lining and knitted fabric so the inside of the bag will look neat. Thread your sewing needle and sew the lining on the knitted fabric along the top edge of the lining with running stitch or back stitch.

Stuff the lining into the bag and sew it in place along the top edge of the lining.

Final part - thread the drawstring into the channel two rounds and tie the ends (or you can sew the both ends of the drawstring together).

This bag is knitted according to my own taste, I'm welcome your comments if you have any suggestions or better ideas for this kind of bag :).

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