Saturday, 4 April 2015

Knitted Flower : Daisy

These cheerful blooming knitted daisies might instantly bring you a good idea to brighten up some of your handmade projects. They are not only the useful ornamental accessories for a project but can also be the unique accessories for your outfits or body if you turn them into brooches, hair clips, hairbands or wristbands.

  You can knit a variety of daisies with a simple loop stitch. So you must know how to knit the loop stitch before you start making a knitted daisy. I had posted the loop stitch knitting method on my previous post, click here or click the highlighted word above to read more about the instruction of how to make a loop stitch.

1. yarn     : colored yarn (100%  acrylic, weight 40g )
2. needle :  a pair of single-pointed needle size 2mm and a yarn needle/blunt needle.

Knitting pattern :

Cast on 24 stitches.

row 1 : Knit one row.

row 2 : Knit a row of loop stitches as shown in the first photo.

row 3 : Purl two together until the end of the row. Now, you have 12 stitches on your right needle

row 4 : Knit a row of loop stitches. (The second photo shown is two rows of loop stitches)

row 5 :  Knit one row.

row 6 : Knit one stitch and then slip this stitch back onto the left needle. Pass the next 11 stitches over the top of this stitch and off the needle (refer to photo no.3) and knit the first stitch again. Now, pull the yarn to tighten up and fasten off. Remember to bring the yarn tail to the back of the work.
There is another yarn tail that hanging at the beginning of the cast on row. You can thread the yarn needle/blunt needle with the tail of yarn and use this tail to bind the both edges of the knitting piece to form a complete round shape (refer to photo no.4).

If you want to change the color of the stamens for your knitted daisy, you can change color or join a new color at the beginning of row 5. You can also sew a button or beads on it to create a different pattern according to your creativity. I believe each inspiration for your knitting project would bring you an unique creation.

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