Sunday, 6 September 2015

Lace Flower Brooch

Are you finding inspiration for your lace brooch project? I'm going to show you  how to make a fancy lace brooch out of lace and fabric-covered button. I believe this noticeable feminine piece will add interest to your ensemble.

1. One piece of fabric-covered button
2. A length of lace
3. Safety pin
4. Felt cloth
5. Matching thread
6. Hot glue

Cut the lace to an appropriate length. The length of the lace that I use in this project is approx. 17" and the width is approx. 1". Thread the needle. The length of the thread should be about twice the length of the lace. Then, sew a running stitch all the way along the edge evenly. Remember to leave an enough tail of thread at the starting and ending point for gathering purposes.

Gently pull the thread at the both sides to gather the lace. Pull the thread completely, this will create a heavy ruffle and you can see the lace flower is taking shape.

Pull the thread very tight and make a couple of knots with the tails of thread at the back. The lace flower is done.

Now, attach the fabric-covered button on the center of the lace flower by hand stitching or hot glue the button in place. I embellished the fabric-covered button with a sequin and a bead before I sewed it down. You can use any embellished button or other embellishments instead of a fabric-covered button.

Draw two circles in different sizes onto a piece of felt cloth and cut them out. The sizes of the circles are determined by the size of the chosen safety pin.

Attach the big felt circle onto the back of the lace flower, you can either sew it in place or attach it in place with hot glue.

Sew the safety pin in place as shown in the photo.

Attach the small felt circle over the stitches for a neat finish and it is ready to pin on your outfits, bags, scarves, hats and etc...

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