Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Layered Lace Flower Hair Elastic

I was in the mood for a big layered lace flower hair elastic... I got bored with my monotonous hair style and I wished to style my long hair with a vintage charm. An inspiration shot into my mind when I was looking at those old style laces that kept in the bottom of a box. Normally, we will need wider lace ribbons to make a larger layered lace flower. A larger lace might cost you a pretty penny, what if you wish to make a larger  layered lace flower with a diameter up to 3.5 inches by using a one inch and 0.5 inch wide lace ribbons? Yes, I will show you how to make a lace flower hair elastic with a budget-friendly method. You will find that crafting can be affordable, friendly and fun.

1. Two lengths of one inch wide lace ribbon, 18 inches and 13 inches long respectively.
2. A length of lace in different color/shade, 0.5 inch wide and 8 inches long
3. An embellished fabric-button
4. A piece of elastic
5. Felt cloth
6. Matching thread (match to the felt cloth)
7. Hot glue

Thread the needle. The length of the thread should be about twice the length of the lace. Sew a running stitch all the way along the edge evenly. Remember to leave an enough tail of thread at the starting and ending point for gathering purposes. Then, gently pull the tails at the both sides to gather the lace until the length of the lace is about 5 inches. Tie a knot a the back of the lace with the two tails to form a circle. Be careful when you tie the knot, don't  shorten the length of the gathered lace. The diameter of the circle should be about 1.5 inches. Then arrange the pleats evenly with your fingers.

By using the same method, make the second lace flower with the lace that measures 13 inches long. This is the smaller flower, so the diameter of the second flower is about 1 inch. After that, make the smallest lace flower with the lace which is in different size and color/shade. The diameter should be about 0.5 inch. Now you have 3 lace flowers of different sizes.

Draw two circles in different sizes onto a piece of felt cloth and cut them out. The diameter of the big and small circle are 2 inches and 0.8 inch respectively.

Pin the biggest lace flower onto the big felt circle. Sew the lace flower in place along the edge of the circle with the matching thread because the stitches will be less likely to stand out at the back. The photos shown above are the front and back of the biggest lace flower that sewn on the felt circle.

Sew the other two lace flowers in place one by one as shown in the photos. Then, attach the embellished fabric-button at the center by using hot glue or sew it in place by hand stitching.

Sew the elastic at the back and hot glue the small circle over the stitches for a neat finish. Done. Now, you can put your hair in a ponytail or bun with this vintage fashion accessory.

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