Monday, 19 October 2015

Colorful Yarn Pompom

I can still remember that when I was a child, my mum made me a few colorful pompoms that pleased me so much. Of course, my mum taught me how to make a simple pompom. The method used by my mum was the"two circles" method where you have to keep poking the yarn through the hole in the center.

The "two circles" method is very time consuming, especially when you are trying to make a larger pompom. Well, I am going to show you how to make a larger pompom with an alternative method. This method will requires 4 pieces of arch-shaped cardboard and you do not need to poke the yarn through the center hole.

Materials :
1. Four balls of yarn in different colors                 
2. Cardboard
3. Binder clips

How to make a colorful pompom  

click here to get the pompom template

Before we start making a pompom, we need a pompom maker. You can make your own pompom maker with cardboard. The cardboard can be a toothpaste box, cereal box and etc.  The picture shown is the pompom maker template, it consists of  four arch-shaped pieces. The ratio of the outer circle to the inner circle is 2 : 1. Anyway, you can draw your own template in different ratio for certain purposes. If you do not want to make your own template, just click on the picture to get the template for your personal uses.


Print out the template on a piece of paper. Simply cut out the pattern pieces and glue them on a piece of cardboard.

Once the glue is dry, cut out the shaded area of each pattern piece. Then bend along the horizontal/straight  lines as shown in the photo.

Pick up two arch-shaped cardboard pieces and hold them together.

Wind the semi-circle closely with four strands of yarn in different colors. Keeping the winding even and not leaving gaps. Continue until the semi-circle in the middle of the arch-shaped cardboard is filled up with yarn.

Pick up the other two arch-shaped cardboard and make another bundle of yarn. You should now have two bundles of yarn as shown in the photo.

Put the two bundles of yarn together to form a full circle.

Hold the two halves together with four binder clips as shown in the photo.

Slide the scissors between the two layers of cardboard and cut open the wound yarn around the outer edge.

Draw a long piece of yarn between the two layers of cardboard. Pull the yarn tight and tie a firm knot.

Take off the binder clips and cardboard. The look of the pompom will looks like this.

Trim the pompom with scissors until it is perfectly round.

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