Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Felt Whipped Cream

Are you searching any decorating tip for your felt cupcake? How about a felt whipped cream? You should try it out ......

A little felt whipped cream might be an awesome decorative item for a hand sewing felt cupcake or pie.

1. white felt
2. a red button
3. poly-fill material
4. matching thread

How to make a felt whipped cream

1. Draw two different size circles with one center point. The size of the big circle is twice as large as the small circle.

2. Cut out the circle and fold the circle in half three times to make eight equal parts.

3. Unfold the circle and trace the creases with a pen and ruler. This will identify eight equal parts.

4. Now, draw a curve from the intersect point to the top of the next line for each part.

5. Cut out the unwanted parts (the part where outside the curve in each part).

6. Place the paper pattern on a piece of felt. Hold them firmly together and cut the piece out follow the paper pattern.

7. Knot your thread. Insert the needle through a tip from front to back. Pull the thread through and continue for other tips. End your last stitch where you started.

8. Stuff up the piece with some poly-fill material before you close the opening completely.

9. Close the opening by pulling the thread tightly and make several stitches across. Sew a button or bead at the top center.  Don't cut the thread if you plan to sew it on your project. Just bring your thread to the bottom center.

10. It is done!!

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