Monday, 25 August 2014

sock cupcake

It was a birthday of a special friend. I wished to give away two pairs of socks as a birthday gift . I was thinking and thinking......could I pack or wrap these two pairs of socks in a special way? Oh, no idea at all.  Usually, a birthday is inseparable from a cake. Finally, I decided to give away the two pairs of socks in a form of a cupcake. I turned them into a cupcake without cutting and sewing. The cupcake can also be turned back into socks without any structural damage.

1. two pairs of socks (one pair of crew sock and one pair of no show sock )
2. different colors ball head pins
3. a decorative felt whipped cream

1. Fold the no show socks in half respectively. Put one of them on top of the other. Place them in a same direction as shown in the photo.

2. Roll up the socks carefully.

3. Once you come to the end, continue wrapping or rolling with one of the crew socks with the same method. Then pin it and set it aside.

4. Take the other crew sock and insert your both thumbs inside the top of the sock. Use your fingers to bundle it up to your thumbs until it is down to the bottom of the toe.

5. Pleat the sock evenly when you bundling it on your thumbs so that the pleats will set against the inner side of the top. It is now looks like a case or cup.

6. Put the sock roll that you made into the case.

7. Adjust the bottom of your cupcake by pulling some sock fabric out from the center and flatten it as shown in the photo.

8. Decorate your cupcake with ball head pins. Be careful that a blunt pin will harm the structure of the socks.

9. Place a felt whipped cream on the top center by inserting two pieces of ball pins through the button holes.

10. Done.

This type of gift is not appropriate to give away for children. If you like this idea, you can hand baste where is necessary instead of using a sharp pin and use other appropriate decorative items to decorate your cupcake.

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