Sunday, 31 August 2014

Memo stand

I remember one day of last month, my kid pulled a cork from a bottle and threw it away somewhere. The cork is quite big and I was thinking it might be a useful material for my future project and kept it.

One day,  my kid screamed at her dad : " Daddy always forget what I have said!" At that moment, an idea had struck me! A memo stand! I should make one so that my kids can clip on some mini memos on it to remind this forgetful daddy to get their things done!! Haha!

This is a simple project, you can finish it in an hour's time. Get the materials just around you and try it out.

Main materials:
1. small branch
2. felt pieces (dark green, light green)
3. a cork
4. wooden birds (or any hand sewn felt birds)
5. pegs

  1. Sharpen the foot of the branch.
  2. Put some adhesive glue or hot glue on the sharp point and insert it into the center of the cork.
  3. It is now looks like a tree planted on the ground.
  4. Cut out some leaves form the dark & light green felt pieces as shown in the photo.
  5. Glue the wooden birds on the tails of the pegs respectively, and then glue some leaves on the head of the pegs.
  6. Now, glue some leaves onto the branch. Don't glue the bird pegs onto the branch, you only need to clip it anywhere of the branch that you like. When you have memos to be attached on the branch, clip the memos with the wooden bird pegs. You can create more bird pegs with other materials when necessary. Done.

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