Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Broga Sak Dato Temple, Negeri Sembilan

Broga is situated about 50 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur. It is a small town that sits on the border of Negeri Selangor and Negeri Sembilan in Malaysia. Broga Sak Dato Temple is one of the famous attractions in Broga.  This temple is located on Broga Hill which is now officially known as Bukit Lalang. It is a beautiful temple which adorned with a lot of stone sculptures and statues. It is also very popular among many tourists and local 4D punters asking bet numbers from the Sak Dato deity.

We went to Broga on 14 December 2014. That was the first time we visited this attraction. Anyway, our purpose to go there was not for the bet numbers but to visit the temple and pray to the god for blesses. Of course we wished to visit the places nearby the temple too.

The entrance of Broga Sak Dato Temple

The cave next to the main temple houses the 
altar of Sak Dato deity.

There was another flight of steps led up to the entrance of the "Good Karmic Fruit Orchard". I found that it was also called " The Orchard of the Fruits of Kindness". Anyway, it was called "Shan Guo Yuan  - 善果园" in Chinese.  According to the title of this orchard and the antithetical couplet on both sides of the entrance, it seemed to tell us that "A good thought reaps good karmic fruit - what goes around, comes around". Walking up the steps there was another beautiful scene, we were attracted by the landscaping depicting the characters and scenes from Chinese custom and folklore.

The entrance of the "Good Karmic Fruit Orchard"

Dragon gate

Giant dragon head tortoise with golden nuggets which 
symbolize riches and wealth.

Statues of Chinese zodiac animals.

I love these giant durians!

We admired the surrounding scenes......

Behind the temple there was a suspension bridge connected to the Monkey God Hill. The bridge was quite long, I felt a little bit anxiety......When we looked ahead on the suspension bridge, we saw a magnificent Monkey God (Sun Wukong) statue standing on the hilltop. After the bridge, we walked up a short sloping paved trail that led to the statue of the Monkey God. Ha ha, we really enjoyed a great cardio exercise with its enchanting scenery on the paved trail!!

The suspension bridge.

We felt the bridge began to wobble in the middle of 
the bridge....

The Monkey God statue

We enjoyed a spectacular panoramic view of Broga from the top of the hill.

Later, we visited Sak Dato Broga Temple Gallery which was located just a few steps from the temple.

Sak Dato Broga Temple Gallery

The interior of the gallery.

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