Monday, 26 January 2015

Garter Vertical Striped Scarf

Add a touch of glamour to my outfit...
I knitted a vertical striped scarf with different shades of grey recently. Do you think that people wearing grey scarf might look more depressing? To me, I love scarf in pure grey or mixed of different shades of grey because it would be my perfect choice to match almost all my casual shirts and dresses.

I believe any scarf would be fashionable and stunning if we make a right match for our clothes or the shades that we choose tone in well with the whole outfit. Thus, not only the bright and colorful scarf but also the dark shades scarf would enhance our look and draw compliments from our friends.

If you don't want to hunt around looking for a perfect scarf to match your clothes, you can now try to knit one with your perfectly matched colors. This is a garter vertical striped scarf. To get the method of making a garter vertical striped you can refer to my previous posts - cast on two colors and Intarsia colors change on vertical line for garter stitch.

In the middle of the work......
Yarn    : 100%  acrylic, weight 40g 
Needle : single-pointed needle (size 4.5mm) 

Pattern for this scarf :
1. Cast on  39 stitches with  "long-tail cast on" - 13 stitches for each shade of grey.
2. Knit every row ( be careful when you change colors at the right side and wrong side of your work because this is a non-reversible pattern).
3. Knit to a desired length and cast off.
4. Add fringes to the both ends of the scarf. I use one strand of yarn for each stitch and the three shades of grey will be used alternately.
Now, cut a length of yarn according to your need and then fold the strand in half. Insert the crochet hook through the edge of the knitting, catch the loop and draw it out,then grab the both ends of the fringing using your fingers and pull them out through the loop. Continue your work for the other stitches on the edges.

click here to find out the method of making a knotted fridge).

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