Thursday, 22 January 2015

Yogyakarta, Indonesia

We enjoyed our trip to Yogyakarta in December 2014. Apart from the main attractions, we went around the other places to take a look at people's livelihood.

First of all, I would like to talk about a famous shopping area in Yogyakarta - Malioboro street. Maliobora street was a lively shopping street. A wide variety of goods like batiks, bamboo handicrafts, silver, miniature of traditional vehicles, begs, ornaments, T-shirts until sandals and small keychains could be found easily. It could be best described as a "souvenir paradise".

We saw many horse-drawn carriages and traditional trishaws waiting tourists along Malioboro Street. Tourist could take a horse-drawn carriage or trishaw ride to explore Malioboro Street, but we didn't go for it, we preferred to stroll down the street.

View of Malioboro Street

Traditional trishaw

I found that street art in Yogyakarta was very popular. I am not an aficionado of the street art or wall-painting but I felt some kinds of wall-painting infused a vibrancy into the city atmosphere.


We could see the locals selling salak fruit everywhere in Yogyakarta. According to our taxi driver, salak fruit was their everyday snack. Salak fruit also known as snake fruit due to the scaly skin. Its taste was sweet and slightly acidic while its aroma was so unique that I couldn't express to you in words.

We stopped by a salak fruit stall at the roadside when we passed by a village. We bought some salak fruit at the stall and later we visited a small plantation of salak trees which was just next to the stall.   From a distance, salak trees looked like palm trees. In fact,it is a species of palm tree. The salak fruit trees are thorny that I was always careful when I stepped into the plantation.

salak fruit trees

The fruit sold here were very fresh and I especially liked the way they sold the bananas. Most of the bananas in the stalls were still kept in bunches and it was not until the the moment the tourists decided to buy a certain quantity that they would cut it into small combs.

Salak fruits and bananas

I took some pictures of  buildings in Yogyakarta......

Shops nearby the neighborhood of Malioboro Street.

Some of the houses in a village.

Hotel New Saphir Yogyakarta

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